Take the hassle out of holidaying!

When you’ve worked hard all year, you want your holiday to be packed full of family time and fun activities – with a few moments of peace for you to just lie back and soak up that glorious sunshine!

The same goes for your kids. They’ve worked hard too and deserve an awesome holiday. They’ve been looking forward to it all year – the freedom, the adventure and, of course, the pool.

But you both face the same problem when you get there.

The water is blue and inviting – but the inflatables aren’t ready yet.

So, one by one, you pull them out of the bag and empty your lungs into them.

All the while, the kids are pestering you and asking when everything will be ready to play with.


And, naturally, they want you in the pool taking part too.

As a parent, you’re happy to oblige.
It’s one of the reasons you wanted to get away. You’re acutely aware that these moments should be lifelong memories for you and your children to cherish.

But having inflated all the toys, you’re out of breath and just want to lie down.

You’d inflate the lounger if you could be bothered, but right now, you just want a break, so you settle for placing a towel on the hard floor.

It’s not quite the start to your holiday that you had in mind.

Then you see another family turn up and inflate their toys in just a few minutes. Pretty soon, the parents are in the pool with their kids throwing their inflatables around and having a whale of a time.

And all because they turned up with a Woodwind AP6.

woman lay on pool float on swimming pool

The Woodwind AP6 is a lightweight cordless air pump that can be easily transported and save you time and effort (and breath) when you need items inflated.

It includes a built-in battery that can be recharged using a USB or your in-car cigarette lighter, an instruction manual and three nozzles.

woowind ap6 can be charged via usb and 12v car lighter

When the fun’s over and you're tired for all the right reasons, it will even deflate your floats for you too!

Simply insert the correct nozzle into the air valve and press the switch to quickly inflate.

 It’s great for holidays, but it’s incredibly useful around the home too.

Having guests over to stay is great fun. But if they’re sleeping on an inflatable mattress, you always face the same conundrum – do you inflate it before they arrive and have it sitting ominously in the room all night getting in the way, or wait until it’s time to turn in and then faff about inflating it?
woowind ap6 inflating air mattress

With the Woodwind AP6, the decision  is easy. 

You wait until your guests are ready to go to bed, then you attach the cordless air pump, leave it for less than a minute and a half, and hey presto! Your inflatable mattress is good to go.

Take the hassle, effort and breathlessness out of inflating things around the home so you can relax and enjoy the weather and the company of family and friends without wasting time and energy.

  • Quickly and easily inflate and deflate mattresses, balls, swimming rings, inflatables, pool buoys, inflatable boats, paddling pools, inflatable play centers and other inflatable toys
  • Superfast, powerful fill
  • Dual charging mode allows you to charge your pump via your in-car cigarette lighter or with a USB cable
  • Comes with three nozzles for inflating and deflating almost any inflatable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Cordless so there are no wires to get in the way
  • Built-in 6000 mAh battery
  • Uniquely designed to be easy to hold and handle, and non-slip,
  • Comes with a waterproof bag to protect the pump from splashes

One charge is enough to inflate

  • An inflatable boat 30 times
  • An air mattress 23 times
  • An inflatable lounger 30 times
  • Swimming pool inflatables 24 times

Find out more and order yours today



A friend recommended I buy a Woodwind AP6 after she was stranded on a mountain when her bike tire went flat. She was alone in the cold for hours, and it got dark. The ranger told her she needed a portable tire inflator for her own safety and recommended the AP6. When he told me the story, I ordered one right away. And boy, am I glad I did! Just 2 weeks later, the same thing happened to me, but I was back on the road within minutes, thanks to my Woodwind. I highly recommend Woodwind to all outdoorsy people.


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