How to Inflate Pool Float with Electric Pump?

After staying in the office for a long time, people always want to escape. We can drive to the beach to relax, or just find a swimming pool nearby to enjoy. Wearing sun glasses, lying on the pool float, just let all the pressure go.

pool float for adults

But who blows up the pool float is a headache, it won't be any more. Woowind AP6 series can help you out. Designed with 400L/min high air flow and 4Kpa air pressure, it only take about 30s to fully inflate a general air mattress. Demensions is 45*28*25inch, it's very easy to hold in your hand and put it into your backpack or suitcase, the built-in battery allows the pump to be used without a power cord.

  • How to inflate a pool float?
  1. Woowind AP6 series are equipped with 4 different sizes of nozzles, and the pool float normally needs the large nozzle while the swimming ring needs the the small or medium nozzle.
    air nozzles for air mattress pool float
  2. Install the nozzle on the air pump, open the vavle of the float  and insert the nozzle into the vavle.
    woowind air mattress pump
  3. Switch on the button and let Woowidn AP6 do the rest for you. Just a few seconds or utmost 1~2 seconds depends on the size of the pool float, the pool float will be filled up with air and you don't have to sweat.
  4. When only one indicator lights on, it means you need to charge the pump via the USB cable, or for AP6 model, you can supply the power via the provided 12V car adapter cabel.

Well, now you can enjoy the pool time!

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