Woowind BP188 Electric Bike Pump

$45.99 $92.99

Test Your Tire Pressure with Portable Bike Pump Air Compressor Inflator

  • Super compact to store in frame-mounted bottle holder, or bike saddle bag, seat packs
  • 120PSI professional portable air pump for bicycles can top off road bicycle, mountain bike, dirty bike, motorcycle, scooter tire, swimming ring, basketball and a tire inflator for car
  •  Presta and Schrader bike pump valves are included for inflating your bike-team's bicycles.
  • Large screen with dual-pressure display tells preset/target air pressure and "real-time" air pressure, so this bicycle pump can be used as a digital pressure gauge.
  • Auto shut-off when target pressure is reached with LED light function for night operation
  • Packing list: mini bike pump ✖1, flexbile hose ✖1, Presta and Schrader Valve Adapter ✖1, swimming ring nozzle ✖1, ball needle ✖1, storage bag ✖1, USB charging cable ✖1, user namual ✖1



Schrader, Presta, Dunlop

Diverse Bike Valves

Woowind BP188 comes packed with valve adapters for Schrader, Presta, and Dunlop valves. Basically, these adapters got your back for around 90% of bike tires out there.

Electric Ball pump

AIR PUMP FOR football & basketball

BP188 can inflate more than 200 footballs per full charge. It's a great helper for coaches, refrees, professional players etc.

Motorcycle Inflator


Tires of motorcycle, E-bike, scooter, dirtybike. BP188 will do the pump work for you

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