mini bike pump with accessories
electric bike pump for different bike tires and baksetball
portable bike pump with advanced heat dissipation system and aluminium body
smart mini bike pump for different tires and balls
presta valve and schrader valve
Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump (auto shut-off, 120PSI, battery powered)

Woowind BP188 Mini Bike Pump (auto shut-off, 120PSI, battery powered)

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Test Your Tire Pressure with Portable Bike Pump Air Compressor Inflator

  • Super compact to store in frame-mounted bottle holder, or bike saddle bag, seat packs
  • 120PSI professional portable air pump for bicycles can top off road bicycle, mountain bike, dirty bike, motorcycle, scooter tire, swimming ring, basketball and a tire inflator for car
  •  Presta and Schrader bike pump valves are included for inflating your bike-team's bicycles.
  • Large screen with dual-pressure display tells preset/target air pressure and "real-time" air pressure, so this bicycle pump can be used as a digital pressure gauge.
  • Auto shut-off when target pressure is reached with LED light function for night operation
  • Packing list: mini bike pump ✖1, flexbile hose ✖1, Presta and Schrader Valve Adapter ✖1, swimming ring nozzle ✖1, ball needle ✖1, storage bag ✖1, USB charging cable ✖1, user namual ✖1