How to Use a Tire Inflator Portable Air Comressor on Your Flat Tire? The Ultimate Guide from Woowind

There are a few parts of your car that require tire pressure and checking to ensure your safety. One such part is the tires, which need to be set to the perfect amount of pressure for optimal performance. If you notice a leak in your tire, it can spell disaster for your car and can be dangerous if not checked immediately. This new DP3 tire inflator from Woowind has all the features that make inflating tires easy enough for anyone to use, just by following 6 simple steps.

Inflating Tires with a Tire Inflator Has Never Been Easier!

 Step 1 - Turn the Inflator on

Press the power button and the screen will turn on. The display shows the model, unit, target pressure, real-time pressure and battery level.

 Step 2 - Select Proper Programmable mode & Unit of Pressure

There are four units to choose: PSI, BAR, KPA and kg/cm². And there are five programmable modes: car, motorcycle, bike, ball and customization. The default target pressure and the maximum preset pressure of each mode are different.

To select the correct unit, first choose the programmable mode for your target item. Press the "mode" button and the mode will change on the screen accordingly. In this example, we'll choose US units for a tire pressure gauge. Then select the proper unit. In German, the pressre unit of car tire usually displays as BAR, which it displays as PSI in USA. So you can select your familiar Unit.

woowind dp3 air pump for car tires

Step 3 - Attach the Inflator Hose to the Valve Stem

Insert the inflator hose into the valve stem, and tighten it with your hand.

Insert woowind dp3 tire inflator to a tire valve stem

Step 4 - Set Desired Pressure

Press the "plus" or "minus" button until you reach the desired pressure. For example, if you want to set the gauge from 28PSI to 32 PSI, press the "plus" button and hold it. The unit will flash from 28 to 32 and then release the button, and you'll see the gauge display 32 PSI.

woowind dp3 tire inflator 5 programmable modes

Step 5 - Start Inflation and Monitor Pressure on LED Display

Press the "start" button, and the Woowind air pump will start inflating. The LED display will show you the current pressure in PSI. You can monitor the pressure on the LED display. The indicator will flash when you reach your desired pressure and the Woowind air pump will automatically stop

Step 6 - Remove the Woowind DP3

Once you have finished inflating your tire, remove it from the valve stem by twisting counterclockwise.


Takeaway: With Woowind, you can inflate tire easily and effectively.

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