Melo Seven - Mar 28 2022

Tire care just got smart!

Whether you’re a motorcyclist or a cycling enthusiast, you’ll know how important it has to maintain fully inflated tires.

It makes your ride smoother and safer, and it increases the life of your tires. Under inflated tires will cause lag, making you work harder or use more gas. Overinflated tires will affect your grip on the road and are dangerous. That’s why we always check out tire pressures before we head out on a ride. But let’s face it, we’ve all been there – you set off on a ride and (typically once you’re well into the open road) you realise a tire needs inflating. What are you gonna do?

Like you, none of your mates came prepared and there’s no gas station for miles.

You gonna call a tow truck? We’ll it seems you have little choice. So, it’s time to put your hand in your pocket and pay the nice man who's coming out to rescue you. Not only has it cost you money, you don’t even get to enjoy your ride! Now imagine you’d thought ahead and taken a smart air pump with you. Imagine you had a lightweight device with you that was easy to transport, simple to use, and could inflate your tires to their optimum psi in just a few minutes and with absolutely no effort on your part.

The Woodwind smart air pump is that product.

It’s been uniquely designed for bikers and cyclists who want to set on their ride prepared for all eventualities but can’t afford to be lugging bulky equipment around with them all day.

The Woodwind BP188 includes a psi sensor and can be pre-set to your tires ideal limit.

 Simply attach the air pump to your tire, press a single button and let it do its job. Once your tire reaches the preset psi (up to 120psi) the air pump will automatically shut off.

What could be simpler?

But it’s not just limited to motorcycle and road bike tires.

The Woodwind BP188 is a great little tool to keep around the home and can be used to inflate all sorts of everyday items such as footballs, soccer balls and inflatable toys.

Need to inflate a tyre in the dark? It can do that too! The BP188 comes with a bright LED torch to help you see what you’re doing. It’s lightweight, easy to store in the home or while traveling, and can save you time, hassle and money when you need to inflate a tire right there and then. The pump is rechargeable and when fully charged will give you 40 minutes usage.

That’s more than enough when you consider how long it takes to pump up these everyday items:
Bicycles and road bikes:                            2-4 minutes
Motorcycle:                                                       4-8 minutes
Basketballs and similar:                             1-3 minutes

basketball, football, bike, motorcycle...

There are some gadgets that you buy, put in your garage and never use.

Then there are others that you find you use far more than you ever expected to. The Woodwind BP188 fits into the second category.

Many of our customers bought the smart air pump for emergency roadside situations, but find they use it far more often around the house:

Kids want their tires pumped up to play safely in the street? Woodwind will do that!

Rushing to get your child to their game and need to get that ball pumped quick-sharp? Woodwind will do that!

Want to get those inflatables ready for when they come home from school? Woodwind can do that!

Fancy pumping up the lounger so you can relax with a cold drink while they’re playing? Woodwind can do that! And why not? You deserve it after all that work you’ve done.

Woowinb BP188 Bike Pump

What’s included? 

1 ✖ Cordless air pump with LCD display and auto shutoff 
1 ✖ Instruction manual
1 ✖ USB charging cable
3 ✖ Nozzles
1 ✖ carrying bag

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